Why Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose Luxury Homecare as your in-home care provider, but we feel the primary reason is our people. Without dedicated and concerned caregivers even the most recognized in-home healthcare provider wouldn’t survive. At LHC our friendly employees take great pride in what they do; they fully enjoy helping seniors and disabled individuals in any way possible. It is our compassionate staff that assists not only our clients, but also their families, putting nerves at ease and removing worry. Our insightful employees also observe your needs, acting on those observations by presenting the agency with suggestions on how to improve or add to our program offerings.

Hourly Home Care

Hourly care is a cost-effective solution for those who need a little extra assistance as they age in place. At LHC, our flexible hourly and respite care empowers seniors and disabled individuals to maintain their highest level of independence without altering daily routines and gives them the support they need to remain at home, surrounded by the people and things they love most.

24 Hour Care

When a person's care needs increase, this does not mean he or she can no longer age in place. With the right level of assistance, it is possible to complete day-to-day tasks, continue to enjoy freedom and autonomy, and maintain preferred routines and schedules. Luxury Homecare offers the level of care that all clients need to manage a serious illness and recover from an injury or hospital stay. Our 24-hour caregivers provide around-the clock-support and assistance with the exact tasks our clients needs help with the most.

Concierge Services

We are a first-rate concierge service that provides a full range of personalized care to our clients in the Omaha area. Our services are completely customizable and vary from client to client. There is no minimum or maximum amount of time we provide care; we can begin work as soon as we are needed, and we work with families, trustees, guardians, and care facilities to make sure we meet our clients’ non-medical needs.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

  • Consistency in daily routines and care is important for seniors with Alzheimer’s & Dementia. At LHC, our clients enjoy consistent care, often from the same caregiver for months or years at a time.
  •  Our Alzheimer’s caregivers form meaningful bonds with their clients, which enhances the home care experience and often results in lowered instances of anger, hostility, aggression, anxiety and other negative behaviors. Our complimentary caregiver matching service benefits seniors and has a lasting, positive effect on the entire family.

Personal Care

  • Like all forms of care, support with personal care is built completely around your individual needs and personal routines. Our caregivers will happily follow your schedule, letting you live the way you want.
  • With LHC, you have the choice of having a visiting caregiver – someone who visits at set times of the day or even overnight – to provide the support you need. If you require ongoing support, it may be best to have a live-in caregiver, living at home with you to provide 24 hour care. 


  •  Our caregivers can provide both steady and quality companionship that will greatly benefit you or your family. Our caregivers are hand-selected for our clients based on common interests and matched personalities, which allows the care provider and their client to bond over their likeminded hobbies. 
  • Our caregivers will come into the comfort of you or your loved one’s home and spend time with them doing things that are both enjoyable and safe for their client!


  • If you or your loved one’s have already ceased driving, you may need reliable and on-demand transportation services. Luxury Homecare created a program, RideWithLHC™, which is an innovative solution for seniors to request on-demand rides, without the use of a smartphone!


  • LHC offers respite care to families and primary caregivers that are in need of assistance. In home respite care will give you peace of mind that your loved ones are in good hands while you take time to yourself.
  •  As a respite care provider, LHC can assist your family with personal care, medication reminders, meal preparation, transportation, light housekeeping and can provide companionship. Now families caregivers can take the break they deserve to rest and recharge, while their loved one is being cared for safely at home.
  •  Our flexible schedules allow your family to receive long term respite care or short term respite care, fitting the exact needs of you and your loved ones.

Light housekeeping & other services

  • Our highly-skilled caregivers will step into your home and give it the refresh that it needs by performing a variety of light housekeeping tasks. These tasks allow you or your loved ones to enjoy the comfort of home, while simultaneously ensuring that the environment is clean, healthy and will continue to serve as an excellent place to live. 
  • Maintaining the overall cleanliness of a home by dusting, mopping or vacuuming. This ensures that the surfaces, floors and the furniture are conducive of long-term living in the comfort of you or your loved one’s home.

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